Butler Chain of Lakes


The Butler Chain of Lakes is one of the most popular and beautiful natural features in Central Florida. It appears in the southwest Orlando area and gives rise to innumerable examples of opulent, Central Florida real estate. Communities and neighborhoods with exceptional appeal hug the chain of lakes and provide exclusive, upper-end homes in a defining lakefront lifestyle. One community tends to stand out around the Butler Chain of Lakes more than any other. Windermere  provides a highly sought after niche community with plenty of gated security, incomparable neighborhood amenities and posh, affluent homes in a variety of custom styles.

Windermere homes for sale represent some of the most beautiful and prized man-made features in Central Florida. They provide exclusive access to several of the 11 total Butler Lakes. Each of the lakes are connected by waterways, making it easier to picture the lakes in a chain formation with associated, close-knit communities. The chain also gets referred to as Windermere Chain of Lakes, since the community and its upscale homes have the most prominent presence.

Real estate in Central Florida around the Butler Chain of Lakes, especially in Windermere offer an experience in luxury living unattainable in other similar communities. Besides exemplary residential real estate, often in excess of $1 million, the community offers unparalleled lakefront locations, a country club lifestyle, and close proximity to Walt Disney World. In fact, many residents can watch the Disney fireworks from their own back yards. Those interested in a prestigious, yet relaxed waterfront lifestyle in Central Florida are sure to find everything suited to their fancy around the Butler Lakes.

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The Butler Chain of Lakes in total consists of nearly 5,000 acres of 11 adjacent lakes connected by waterways. Lakes in the Butler Chain include:

Lake Down = 886 acres
Wauseon Bay = 121 acres
Lake Butler = 1,579 acres
Lake Blanche = 122 acres
Lake Chase = 142 acres
Lake Louise = 151 acres
Lake Isleworth (Lake Palmer) = 56.01 acres
Lake Tibet = 1,070 acres
Lake Sheen = 569 acres
Pocket Lake = 128 acres
Fish Lake (Little Fish Lake) = 24.29 acres

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