Jennifer Laudato Realtor®


I was born and raised in New England, as an adult moved to Dallas Texas, and four years later moved to

central Florida. After personally going through four closings in three years, I have gained valuable

firsthand experience on buying and selling homes. I have developed a passion for economically staging

homes, for a quick and profitable sale.

My former career as a pastry chef has taught me that patience and hard work does pay off, as well as

the importance of quality presentation. In Real Estate this equates to the time and knowledge it take to

find a buyer the perfect home and the importance of the presentation of a home to buyers.

Sellers can expect careful attention to even the smallest details from me, which will optimize the value

of their home and maximize the marketability. I will also focus on what really matters to today’s buyers,

while keeping the bottom line in mind. Finding your dream home should be a joyous occasion, let me

help you take the stress out of the search.


Boyce and Charlotte

“You are a joy to work with. I appreciate your availability to pick up an go, sometimes with little notice, and to spend the day looking at houses. We spent many hours looking and on several occasions most of the day. Your willingness to help us by looking at many different options helped us in the long run to be more sure of our decision when we made it. We had explored all that Northern Seminole county had to offer in the type of house we wanted.” “We eventually ended up with a house that not only had everything we had on our “must have list”, and our “would like to have list”, we even found one that had items we didn’t know we wanted until we saw them in other homes. Although we spent more than we wanted to, because we had looked at so many houses on line and in person found by your research, we had already decided that our house was going to cost more than we had set as a budget. I might note that I have continued to look on line since our initial offer and still have not found anything better suited even in a higher price range.” After our decision you have always been there to visit our soon to be home on numerous occasions for inspections, paint choices, and just to check measurements. Thanks for all you have done for us. -Boyce and Charlotte

Mike and Nicole

Thank you very much Jennifer. You made our dream a reality of owning our first home and we are so happy. You stuck through it with us working hard everyday even with our specific needs and helped us find the perfect home. I think if anything i would say you need to get a gate code book lol... But seriously you were great you made it fun and you worked hard. I think you didn't have experience with condos/townhomes but now you do!! -Mike and Nicole


"You did a great job helping us finding our home. The time we had was very limited but you made sure you had the appointments scheduled for all the places we wanted to see, and made sure we saw all of them. If we had any questions, that, you didn't know the answer to, you would ask someone who had the answers and get back to us. Your good nature and humor made the whole experience a lot less stressful. Thank you for that! If we have to buy a house in the future, be sure you will be the one helping us. "   -Lilza

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